Project Description

House projected in the West of Lyon for a landscaper and his family. Constraints from the neighborhood (the seller of the land) imposed a height not to be exceeded. The land is beautiful with a flowery field descending onto a gentle slope to the West; we had the idea of designing a house buried into the hill with vegetation that extends from the flowering field to the vegetal roof. Because of the slope, the single-storey house opens onto the outside and the terrain through large windowed walls, 3.50m high and 7.60m wide.

The house is divided into two parallel wings: on the North side the night parts with the bedrooms, on the South the rooms for living; between the two wings, the junction is made through the fully windowed kitchen and entrance. The interior floors extend outside to the infinity pool, in several steps, while the roof of the living room extends with a cantilever of 3 meters. To enter the house, the main door lies below ground level, which creates the impression of going down into the vegetated house.

La Tour-de-Salvagny – 2011