House with a view on Lyon

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Project Description

Technical prowess, this house was constructed on land that was almost impossible to build. Replacing an old house completely cracked because badly conceived from the start, this new house required the work of 2 architects, 2 geotechnicians and 3 engineers. From the old house remains a 4m long and 2.5m high wall which was stabilized by a studded wall (8 meters long nails) together with the cliff and the overhanging road. After securing the land, foundations have been cast: 8 micro-pillars descending to a 16 meters depth upon which the whole house relies. In the end, the construction partly concrete but also of wood, clings to the cliff, and is connected to the avenue through its terrace roof engineered to withstand the weight of several vehicles. The floor under the car park forms the living room with its 20 meters long wall of glass, belvedere over the city and the Alps in the distance.

Lyon – 2011