Low-energy solar house

Low-energy solar house 2016-11-17T08:12:50+01:00

Project Description

Ideally located on a hill protecting it from the north winds, the house faces south according to a bioclimatic design.
It is freed from traditional means of heating: no heating in the bedrooms upstairs, an electric extra ground heater at the ground floor combined with solar input during the day, convection and double VMC flux at night help maintain a temperature of 17 ° C in the coldest parts.

All the areas of life: living, dining, bedrooms, office, widely open with large bay windows on the south and view side. These rooms for living extend on the outside by a wide larch terrace. Designed from floor to ceiling, these windows are protected from greenhouse effect by adjustable sunscreens built in lacquered aluminum roof extensions.

On the north side, the piercings, small horizontal slits in the spirit of the siding, lighten buffer functional spaces: laundry room, garage, entrance hall and bearing, bathroom. These intermediary spaces protect the living rooms from the cold.

Only natural and ecological materials have been chosen for their environmental qualities: fermacell plates, 250mm wood wool (excelsior), solid oak flooring.

Rainwater and an existing spring are collected in a concrete tank to supply with a pump, watering, washing machine and flushes. The roof produces 2996 W of electricity on a total area of 17.70 m², well integrated into a slate-type roof.

Beynost – 2010