Patio house

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Project Description

House coming from the detachment of a parcel, it refers to the patio houses of Mies Van der Rohe. The parcel is landlocked, closed by masonry walls, is surrounded by townhouses. The choice for this project was to keep all existing trees by drawing a single storey house, bypassing the trees and creating a patio where a tree was preserved, and also to ensure the family’s privacy in a place surrounded on all sides.

The quality of spaces comes from their horizontality and the quality of light is very soft: filtered by trees, the patio, both zenithal and vertical light. The atmosphere work focused on the choice of simple and clear materials: bleached maritime pine on the ground, cement, white painted plasterboard brightened by green patches on some walls. The patio and bay windows to the north create certain confusion between the inside and the outside, which is very pleasant for daily life.

The house, made entirely of wood, is coated with larch cladding and viroc, and experimentally heated by a thermodynamic double-flux ventilation providing 95% of the heating. In case of great cold, a stove can be used to fetch the extra 2-3 degrees necessary.

La Tour-de-Salvagny – 2013