Workshop house

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Project Description

For a family that recently moved to Lyon, this house is inserted into a very narrow zone in the middle of a classified wooded area on a very steep terrain. It includes a house with 3 bedrooms and professional premises that combine a chocolate workshop and 5 guest rooms.

Structured in the shape of an L, the house is spread over 3 levels, of which two are at ground-level thanks to the slope. The two spaces are very different, but it cannot be seen on facade or volume. A wood-framed part with very horizontal lines anchors the construction in the ground, and overlaps into a more massive part of masonry with gray tone.

On the side of the guest rooms, the wood frame comes overhanging above the bay windows of the chocolate workshop. The red cedar wood contrasts with the gray tones of the tiles, plaster and aluminum joins.

Limonest – 2013