Working with an architect

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Working with James Bansac is working with a specialist of design and construction of houses for 20 years, able to accompany you from the choice of your terrain to the delivery of your finished home, and in all phases of the project: administrative, financial, construction site.

James Bansac and his complete team (project manager, draftsman, construction economist) will accompany and guide you along your whole projet. We work with qualified and insured French companies, that we control and that ensure high construction quality.

The discovery
During the first interview, the architect will want to know what your wishes are, if you have a land, establish the program: definition of the spaces and description of works to perform, and finally define a budget.

The first phase of work is the pre-project, prepared at the stage of sketching it includes a mass-plan, a plan of the different levels, the appearance of the house and a detailed quotation. After this phase the architect’s contract is signed as soon as an agreement is reached on the project and budget.

The second phase is the building permit, the architect assists the client in its relations with the administration and related services.

Negotiating and contracting with companies comes before any construction.
The completion of detailed plans and measurements by the architect will permit a very precise budgeting of the works. The architect will have ensured all certifications and guarantees of all stakeholders before the beginning of works.

Coordinating and managing the works is the mission of the architect who will ensure that companies deliver in accordance with plans, descriptions and market parts:
-through periodic visits, coordination of the various tasks and monitoring of deadlines,
-by checking all companies’ invoices and demands of installments.
-by solving problems that might arise in the course of the construction in consultation with the client and companies.

Receiving the building: the architect with the client ensure that all works have been carried out in accordance with the rules of the art.

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